About us

Health and intellect are the two blessings of life

Vidyarthi Group of Institutions , was founded in the year 2002 under the aegis of Vidyarthi Education Trust and have been duly registered under the Trust Act.

The Group was established by the Dedicated efforts of Sri Honna Setty B R and Sri Indu Kumar C H with object of providing quality education to students in mission of knowledge and excellence in their chosen field.
Trust Believes that students should become powerful by knowledge and also they should attain fullness by sympathy and with an empathetic understanding of the human conditions under which the society is striving for material progress.

Chairman's Desk

Mr.Honna Setty B. R, Chairman, Vidyarthi Group of Institutions

Learning is a continuous process, So continues that todays technology is outdated by tomorrow. Especially in Allied health services. Thanks to the constant change, Human life has become easier, smoother and more healthier than before.
I extend my best wishes to you and invite you to become a member of the academic family of Vidyarthi Group and carve out a bright future for yourself.

May your stay in our institutions be memorable and profitable.

Mr.Honna Setty B. R, Chairman Vidyarthi Group of Institutions

Secretary's Desk

Mr.Indu Kumar C.H, Secretary, Vidyarthi Group of Institutions

Welcome to the young aspirants of knowledge to the field oa Para Medical's boundaries career opportunities. Take the challenges and rewards of medicine and science and entire in to a profession of extreme importanance to precious Human Life
We prepare the students to become competitive technicians with scientific, innovative ideas and current practices, positive attitude towards health and dynamic abilities with a view to solving health problems of the community

Mr.Indu Kumar C.H, Secretary Vidyarthi Group of Institutions

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